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Principal's School Message

Families of Point Vicente:


The beginning of the year is such an exciting time! I don't know who is more excited about the first day of school – the children, the teachers, or the parents! Mixed feelings are to be expected – anxiety, excitement, fatigue, wistfulness for the lazy days of summer – join us in understanding and accepting those complicated feelings while maintaining a positive attitude! We are going to make this a great year of growth!



Welcome New Families! I know I can count on our established Point Vicente families to reach out and support new families just settling in at Point Vicente. This year, I'll be hosting meetings specifically designed to support families in their first year at Point Vicente. We know moving to a new school can provide challenges for both children and parents – and we want to help!


School Website: You can check out our helpful website at pointvicente.pvpusd.net  We want this site to be helpful to our parent community – so please, let us know what you would like to see! Bookmark it – and check it often! You can also use this link to install an app on your Smartphone for easy access to the website! https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=1190398498&mt=8


Stay connected: If you use Twitter – follow Point Vicente at Beth Hadley@PointVLight We capture special moments from our school day and share information.



A better forecast for hot days! We've taken steps (and the district has stepped up, too!) to prepare options for the hot weather days we often experience at the beginning of school. We have ceiling fans in five classrooms, we have moved two classrooms into air conditioned portables, and our MPR has  AC in addition to a ceiling fan to circulate cooled air! We also have a water bottle filling station with cold water in the MPR (just please, make sure those water bottles have names written on them!) Our teachers work together to make sure that children in every class have time in the cooled areas.


“New Year’s” Resolutions: Those of us who are involved in education have two opportunities every year for New Year’s Resolutions! Take a moment to reflect on your family, your child, your challenges. You might want to open the conversation to include your children and their point of view! Depending on how you feel about last year’s successes and challenges, the age of your children, and new situations for your family . . . maybe this is a good time to set some family goals (don’t forget to keep track of success and build in rewards!) Consider . . .

  • We will take “required items” to school. (Music instruments, homework, lunches) Hint: establish a spot – if possible near the front door- to organize those things the night before, and use a visual calendar to remind each other of what is important to remember each day of the week!
  • We will be on time! Being on time sends a message to the teacher and to other students that school is important. Coming in late sends the opposite message. On time means – on the blacktop to line up with the class at 8:30.
  • This year is the year to focus on . . ! Was there a subject your child could have performed better in last year? Memorizing those math facts? Were tests always a “surprise”? Once you’ve identified this area, consider sharing this goal with your child’s teacher and get suggestions on specific practices to put in place that match classroom organization.
  • READING! Reading at the student’s independent level WILL build reading level and increase comprehension. There are no shortcuts to building that reading muscle! Read every day – even on weekends! Read as a family! Read to your children – and let them see you read! Visit the library as a family! Once students are secure readers – there is almost nothing they can’t accomplish. And, exposure to great writing in literature builds writing skills. If you focus on nothing else this year – make reading part of your goals!


I’d love to hear from you on goals you set, what rewards you establish, and how it all works! Being part of growth and contributing to positive change is one of the best parts of my job! I’d love to be part of your reward system! I can assure you, there will be good days and days …. if it was easy, everyone would do it!