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Mrs. Soto's DL 4th Grade Class Assignments

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Past Assignments


Wednesday's homework

  • WOD: recommend
  • Make up and solve 5 addition and 6 subtraction problems. Use large numbers with either five or six digits.  Check the subtraction ones by adding.
  • Your Turn page 9
  • Finish reading The Princess and the Pizza and the Author page, pgs 20 – 26
  • com 20 to 30 min
Read a book for 20 minutes


Tuesday's Homework

Math page 29 all – 30 (odds only) and Daily Math Word Problem pg. 9

Practice times tables

WOD (Word of the Day) is barrier

Your Turn book pages 1 and 6 and 7

Cursive pages 2 and 3 (if you picked this book up from me that day at Pt. Vicente)

Soc. studies vocabulary on page 54

Soc St page 56 questions 1 and 3.

Typing.com 20 – 30 min

Read from a chapter book for at least 20 minutes


Mrs. Soto Class Schedule during Substitute Sept 8 - Sept 21

This is the weekly schedule while I am out.  Notice there is NO independent meeting times at 8:30 and 8:45.  ALL students will begin class at 8:30 everyday.


Thursday homework

Math: Math workbook 12, 13, and 14
Daily Word Problem Page 7 Thursday
Lang Arts: Word of the Day:  advance
Write the vocabulary words we did today in a sentence Write  8 separate sentences.  For example,  The chips did not taste great because they were stale.
Read a book for 20 minutes
Typing.com 20 minutes


Wednesday homework

Math workbook page 12, #11 - 14 and page 13
Practice mult. tables
Word of the Day:  discussion
Read for 20 minutes Typing.com 20 - 30 minutes