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Parents » Traffic and Student Safety

Traffic and Student Safety


For the Safety of EVERY child

 *Attached is a visual graphic to assist you!



Drop Off:

Ideally, parents will not get out of the car. Regardless, unloading should take less than one minute.


There is NO LEFT TURN INTO THE DRIVEWAY in order to keep the road open for our neighbors and emergency vehicles.


Please refrain from using your cellphones while in the school drop off line.


Drivers need to form a single line entering the parking lot.


Pull as far up through the parking lot, and as close to the curb as possible so children can safely exit your car on the passenger side.


If last-minute notes need to be written, or a conversation needs to happen, find a spot outside the parking lot.


Please, do NOT park in the limited “staff” slots or “Guest” slots. Do not use the Handicapped parking for drop-off unless the student is TK/K and you are walking the student to the Kindergarten yard.


Please be courteous to the drivers behind you and allow a continuous flow of traffic out of the lot.


Drive SLOWLY and watch for pedestrians.


Pick Up:

Same procedure as drop off.




Please display the family name sign on the passenger side visor of your car window.


All children are picked up at the front of school.


You may choose to park outside school and walk in to meet your child. When doing so, please do NOT park in Red Zones, or park in front of neighborhood driveways.